Message from CEO


Chang Soo Kim,

Since 1994, TRM KOREA has been challenging a new market and introducing innovative products in various fields from plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, orthopedic surgery to dental.

Ever since TRM KOREA was founded, our employees and I strictly kept our philosophy:
We believe medical device must be safe and effective, enriching people’s life. Our products should help our customers recover faster and should guarantee our doctors an easy and safe surgery.

TRM KOREA products, from lifting device, Acellular Derma Matrix to Microvessel anastomosis, are developed and introduced solely through this vision.

Thanks to all our partners believing in the same value, TRM KOREA has become one of the most innovative medical company in South Korea, providing high-quality products.

We will remember your warmest encouragement and support. Now, TRM KOREA aims to become a leading global medical company, improving people’s lives.

Thank you.

Chang Soo Kim, TRM KOREA CEO